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University of São Paulo Visit

The Energy Research Institute welcomed Professor Josmar Pagliuso and Dr Márcia Osaki from the University of São Paulo (USP), São Carlos, Brazil who visited Leeds on 3rd November and met with members of Professor Jenny Jones’ biomass combustion research group. Professor Pagliuso presented some recent work undertaken on the world’s largest sugar cane mill in São Paulo state where the combustion of sugarcane bagasse is used to generate electricity. Trials using up to 5% of refuse derived fuel were successfully demonstrated to have been possible without detrimental effects on the plant. Dr Osaki presented work on the optimisation of the energy output from sugar cane mills accounting for both optimised ethanol production and electricity generation. Their work generated much interest from researchers in Leeds being directly relevant to investigations being carried out here regarding biomass combustion, biofuels production and the use of waste biomass materials for fuel in power generation applications. Patrick Mason will visit the University of São Paulo (USP), São Carlos and meet with Prof. Pagliuso, Dr Osaki and colleagues in December.