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British Science Festival

On Saturday 10th September a group of Doctoral Training Centre Students and Academic Staff from the Doctoral Training Centre in Low Carbon Technologies and the School of Earth and Environment took part in the British Science Festival at the University of Bradford.

It was a fantastic opportunity to highlight our research in Low Carbon Technologies and engage with the public through a national event.

The British Science Festival is one of Europe's largest celebrations of science, engineering and technology, with over 250 events, activities, exhibitions and trips taking place over a week in September. The British Science Festival is unique among science festivals in the UK as it moves around the country and in the last few years has taken place in York, Liverpool, Guildford and Birmingham.

For 2011 the British Science Festival visited Bradford from 10th-15th September. The programme of events offered something for everyone with activities for families and school groups, adults looking for entertainment and stimulating debate or professionals interested in the latest research.

Climate change machine

Our centre had 2 events taking place at the festival. The first of these was titled “A Low Carbon Future in Yorkshire: Climate Change and Carbon Storage.” This was an all day interactive exhibition exploring issues of climate change and carbon storage. These included our climate change machine - designed by the 2007 Nobel Prize winner Piers Forster that allows you to “geo-engineer” the Earth and gives you a hands on demonstration of CO2 storage. It also explores the benefits of promoting Yorkshire as a hub for carbon storage. The exhibition was a great success with regular visits throughout the day.

The second event taking place was titled “Yorkshire as a Hub for Carbon Storage.” This was a panel discussion with a range of high profile names from the University of Leeds, including Prof Paul Williams, DTC Director, Prof Piers Forster, Dr Doug Angus and also including Dr Steven Brown from CO2 Sense Yorkshire. It was to discuss the variety of options for storing carbon dioxide to remove it from the environment. During the discussion people were able to question the panel of experts about the technological challenges, possible local storage sites and the social and economic benefits of using Yorkshire as a Hub for Carbon Storage.

There was great interest in the research taking place at Leeds in the Doctoral Training centre, and a press conference on the subject of Carbon Capture & Storage, including input from DTC student speaker Tom Lynch, was reported in the Yorkshire Post.

DTC student Zarashpe Kapadia at an exhibit"Yorkshire as a Hub for Carbon Storage" panel discussion