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CDT Bioenergy Visit to Veolia RERF

Veolia RERF BuildingBioenergy CDT students and researchers from the biomass combustion research group visited the new Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF) in Cross Green, Leeds. The site is operated by Veolia on behalf of Leeds City Council and processes all of the kerb-side refuse collections in the Leeds metropolitan area. Over 40% of domestic waste in Leeds is recovered for recycling and the remainder is processed in the Veolia RERF plant. Inside the plant, the waste is further sorted to extract plastics and metals – again for recycling. The low-grade residue waste is then processed for burning in the facility’s power plant. The visitors were able to watch the large scale handing of the waste being delivered to the power plant as site staff made presentations about the facility. A tour around the main power plant then followed to allow a closer look at the waste handling systems, furnace, boiler, flue-gas processing and other equipment, all of which is housed in a single main building. The building itself is impressive as a piece of modern industrial architecture, constructed using a series of enormous glue-laminated wooden arches and with one of Europe’s largest ‘green walls’ covering the entire south-elevation.