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CIER Visit Korea to Discuss Energy Storage

Professor Peter Taylor from the Centre for Integrated Energy Research was part of a UK delegation that visited Korea from 20th to 23rd May to discuss a wide range of issues relating to energy storage. Korea has ambitious plans to develop and deploy energy storage as part of its roll-out of a smart electricity grid and the purpose of the trip was to explore the challenges that both countries are facing and to identify areas for possible future collaboration. The delegation was organised by the Centre for Low Carbon Futures and the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP), with support from the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It included a two day seminar in Seoul involving both researchers and business representatives from the UK and Korea and a site visit to a “smart-grid test bed” on Jeju Island, located off the south coast of mainland Korea.

At the seminar, Professor Taylor gave a presentation on policy and regulatory barriers currently faced by energy storage in the UK and possible solutions, including a critique of proposals for a capacity mechanism under the electricity market reform bill. On Jeju island, the delegation was given a tour of an 8 MWh lithium-ion battery energy storage system that is currently under construction. They were also able to see at first-hand a wide variety of other smart grid technologies including a mock-up of a “smart-home”, complete with real-time electricity pricing display and “smart appliances” that respond in real-time to variations in electricity price.