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DTC Students Attend the World Resources Forum

Between the 7th and 9th of October Ruth Bush, Holly Edwards and Joanne Robinson represented the DTC Low Carbon Technologies at the World Resource Forum conference in Davos, Switzerland. The three PhD students presented their work on low carbon heat supply, the future of energy efficiency in buildings and the potential of high speed rail to replace domestic air transport worldwide. All the talks were very well received with plenty of questions about individual research as well as the DTC. The mascot of the conference was a marmot, an animal known for its resource efficient nature living in the Alps and on the last day the students were given a cuddly toy version to help them document their low(er) carbon train journey back to the UK. By taking the train instead of flying, the low carbon researchers saved 571kg of CO2 compared to flying, a massive 86% saving. Travelling by train to WRF conferences is becoming a tradition for DTC students, with Davos the marmot’s travel log being available as a guest post on, which documents Sam Pickard’s train journey to the conference in Beijing last year. Sadly it may be a bit harder to achieve next year with the conference being held in Peru, but you never know! Holly also had an interview with the Transport Systems Hub and they produced this article as a result.