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Centre for Integrated Energy Research

'Dreams of a Low Carbon Future'

The aim of this project was to develop engineering researchers’ communication skills, by enabling them to work with school children and professional artists to produce a ‘graphic novel’ that explores the children’s visions of a sustainable ‘low carbon’ future society.

Engineering PhD students ran a number of workshops were children had the opportunity to produce artwork depicting their visions of a sustainable future. This artwork was compiled and edited to form a graphic novel. The graphic novel aims to explore different versions of the future - some bad, some good, and how technology will affect everything from what cities will look like to what fuels your car or your TV. We hope that through this project awareness of the issues of energy, resources and climate change will be increased.

The graphic novel is being circulated to schools and museums throughout the UK, as well as selected comics shops. It is being launched in parallel at the Leeds Science Festival and at ‘Thought Bubble’, a leading UK comics festival.

Exhibitions of project artwork will be held at:

  • Cartoon Museum, London 35 Little Russell Street, London, WC1A 2HH (3rd January - 1st June 2014)
  • Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT (10th February - 31st March 2014)

Floating City (artwork by Corban Wilkin)