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'Dreams of a Low Carbon Future' - Ongoing Success

James Mckay, leading the project ‘Dreams of a Low Carbon Future’, and project artist Corban Wilkin were invited to Darmstadt, Germany to provide an artistic interpretation of the science at the Climate Change Symposium 2014 organised by EUMETSAT (part of the European Space Agency) and linked to the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP).

The artwork was produced in response to the six themes/grand challenges of the conference programme e.g. ‘The Cryosphere’, ‘Extreme Weather Events’ and displayed throughout the conference alongside the research poster exhibition.

The artists also hosted schools sessions at the conference venue during the week and met early career researchers for debates and discussions.

The artwork is displayed at the City Library and will be used for the sequel to the book ‘Dreams of a Low Carbon Future’ – looking at a sustainable society in the year 2150AD.

For more information about the climate symposium:

A video of artist Corban Wilkin talking about the work:

It’s worth mentioning that James is planning an event on 15th December at Leeds where the author Kate Pickett, ‘The Spirit Level’, has been invited to come and give a talk based on her work, as well as a sandpit for researchers designing a sustainable future society for the Dreams of a Low Carbon Future sequel.

For more information regarding this upcoming event contact: