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Centre for Integrated Energy Research

Energy Leeds Launches 'Mobility and Energy Futures' Briefing Series

Transport consumes a fifth of global energy and has a near-exclusive reliance on petroleum. As such it has an important role to play in the Energy Trilemma of reducing energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas reduction, creating an energy system built on secure supplies and developing the system in ways which are affordable.

Addressing the Energy Trilemma in the transport and mobility sector is especially challenging due to the continued growth in demand for the movement of goods and people, the technical, regulatory and social challenges of moving away from an oil based system of mobility and a complex and fragmented set of stakeholders required to work together to deliver change.

Drawing on the expertise and opinions of the University of Leeds academics from different Energy Leeds disciplines, the 'Mobility and Energy Futures' briefing series will highlight the drivers, gaps and opportunities in reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions from the transport sector in future. Dr Zia Wadud from the Centre for Integrated Energy Research and Prof Greg Marsden from the Institute for Transport Studies are editing the series.

The first issue on 'Self-driving cars: Will they reduce energy use?' has recently been published. The soft copy is available here. Should academics be interested in writing such policy briefs and opinions in the 'Mobility and Energy' area, please contact Dr Zia Wadud.