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Gillian Harrison - Placements at ARUP and the University of Washington

University of WashingtonIn the second year of her course, Gillian undertook two separate 2 week placements which reflected different elements of her research. The first placement was with the Advanced Technology and Research Group at ARUP in Solihull. This group was working with Gillian's supervisor on an Energy Technologies Institute Plugged in Vehicle Infrastructure project, evaluating economic and carbon benefits related to the uptake of EV under a range of scenarios. Gillian was asked to prepare a report on the ethics of demand side policies for the uptake of EV in the UK, which could be used to understand the effect of government measures and make policy recommendations, with the possibility of publishing either in or out of house.  The second placement was with the Programme on Values in Society, Department of Philosophy at the University of Washington, Seattle. The head of this department is Dr Stephen Gardiner, a leading academic in the study of the ethics of climate change. Gillian had the opportunity to experience the American university system, and gave a seminar to the faculty, and established links for potential future collaboration.