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Honour for Professor Bartle

The 2015 Knox Medal was awarded by the Analytical Division Separation Science Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry to Emeritus Professor Keith Bartle. Professor Bartle was a member of the School of Chemistry until his retirement but has since been a Visiting Professor in the School of Chemical and Process Engineering. He has worked with many members of the School but most recently with Professors Jenny Jones, Alan Williams and Dr Amanda Lea-Langton. Some recent papers have been on:

1. Combustion and Pyrolysis Reactions of Alkylated Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds: The decomposition of 13C Methylarenes in Relation to Diesel Engine Emissions, A.R. Lea-Langton, G.E. Andrews, K.D. Bartle, J.M. Jones, A. Williams. Fuel 158 (2015) 719–724.

2. A Study of Smoke Formation from Wood Combustion, A.R. Lea-Langton, M.T. Baeza-Romero, G.V. Boman, B. Brooks, A.J.M. Wilson, F. Atiku, K.D. Bartle, J.M. Jones and A. Williams. Fuel Processing Technology 137 (2015) 327–332.