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Leeds Festival of Science

On Wednesday 14th March a group of students from the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) in Low Carbon Technologies and the Energy Research Institute (ERI) in SPEME took part in the Leeds Festival of Science STEM Zone which took place in the University Sports Hall.

It was an excellent chance to educate visiting school children ranging from ages 11-14 on the subject of Energy from the Sun.

School pupil using solar equipment

The Leeds Festival of Science is an annual programme of events for schools and colleges, hosted by the University of Leeds STEM faculties, aimed at enthusing and inspiring young people about all aspects of science, technology, engineering and maths. The 2012 programme was packed full of exciting STEM events for all ages including geology, physical geography, and environmental science.

The festival as whole was ongoing through the dates of 10th-15th March. The programme offered something for everyone in the educational sector with activities for younger school children, interactive sessions for GSCE and A Level students, and a Road Show for University students.

Our group had one main event taking place at the festival in the STEM Discovery Zone which was titled “Energy from the Sun.” This STEM zone explained how the Energy from the Sun has provided us with our fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. A group of DTC/ERI students and Research Fellows took the school children on a solar journey from prehistoric plants and fossil fuels to new developments in biofuels. The children also discovered the impact the sun has on wind and tidal energy and learned about exciting advances in solar energy.

School pupils asking questions

The feedback that was received after this event was excellent. Teachers from the visiting schools said “There was good range of activities.” They also said “The children found them very interesting and it fuelled their enthusiasm for Science” which was really positive for the School.