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Low Carbon DTC Student Completes Placement as a Research Fellow at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

From 11th February to 10th May 2013, Low Carbon DTC student, Hannah James completed a three month placement as a research fellow at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), funded by EPSRC. POST’s remit is to provide up to date, non-partisan advice to Parliament, and every year they publish 20 – 30 ‘POSTnotes’: four page briefings on aspects of science or technology with a bearing on public policy. During Hannah’s fellowship, she researched and wrote POSTnote 436: Monitoring Internet Communications, which was published shortly before the PRISM news story broke! The topic was timely as there has also been vigorous debate recently over the Home Office’s proposed Communications Data Bill.

There are several POST fellowships available for PhD students every year from most of the research councils. If anyone’s interested Hannah highly recommends applying, adding that it is a very valuable and enjoyable experience. There’s information at the link below, and if anyone would like to ask Hannah any questions about it they’re welcome to email her:

Hannah also blogged about her placement here at:

POSTnote 436 - Monitoring Internet Communications at:

Link to fellowships at: