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Centre for Integrated Energy Research

"Make Some Noise!" Website Competition

During the summer, DTC 1st year students took part in a web page competition called "Make Some Noise!" which provided a unique practise opportunity in addition to prizes. The students were given the opportunity to design, produce and use their own web page to communicate their research to a wide variety of audiences, including potential employers or the general public.

Researchers are increasingly asked to communicate their research to a wider range of audiences. To discuss their work not just with other specialists in their own scientific field, but to demonstrate its potential impact to:

  • The non-specialists who might sit on grant or fellowship funding panels
  • Job interview panels
  • Journalists and reviewers
  • Public bodies, boards or committees
  • Younger students
  • The general public

The students had to submit a URL for judging by a panel of judges from industry, ISS journalism/PR and academia. Winning entries were linked to and from other Faculty and University sites and blogs.

We were delighted to hear that our students had completed a clean sweep of the awards:

  • First Place: Jannik Giesekan SPEME (Low Carbon Technologies DTC)
  • Second Place: Ruth Bush SPEME (Low Carbon Technologies DTC)
  • Third Place: Erica Marshall SPEME (Low Carbon Technologies DTC)