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Centre for Integrated Energy Research

Outreach at Kippax Greenfield Primary School

PhD students Jayne Windeatt, Gemma Brady and Zarashpe Kapadia visited Kippax Greenfield Primary School in Kippax, Leeds as part of year 5 & 6’s project on ‘Energy use affects our planet and needs to be managed responsibly’.

The project took place over two days, with the first day seeing the group learn about the greenhouse effect (both natural and anthropogenic), fossil fuels and energy efficiency, through discussion, experiments and workshops. The second day was focussed on renewable energy production with activities and experiments focussing on six technologies: wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, hydrogen and nuclear. Most of the day was taken up doing experiments, making sure everyone had a turn with all of the technologies. The focus was on learning how the technologies work and also the pros and cons of each technology, promoting an idea of an energy mix to the pupils, not just an easy one stop fix. They then began to focus on their group projects: being experts in their own technology, making a presentation (poster, video, oral, models etc...) to let the other groups know all about their technology. The project was enjoyable for all involved and the teaching staff were pleased at the level of interaction and ‘hands on’ experience the children got during the project.