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Professor Paul Williams Awarded a £1.1m EPSRC Grant

Professor Paul Williams has recently been awarded a £1.1m EPSRC SUPERGEN Bioenergy Challenge II grant to investigate the development of a “novel low energy plasma/catalytic gas cleaning process to deliver high quality syngas from the gasification of waste biomass”. The project is led from Leeds and is in collaboration with the Universities of Liverpool, Hull and Cranfield, together with 5 industrial partners. The gasification of biomass wastes represents a route to produce a high energy value syngas from a source which is renewable and CO2-neutral. However, one of the major issues in the gasification process is contamination of the product syngas with tar. The project aims to use low temperature plasma catalysis to decompose the tar and produce a clean syngas.

Prof Williams has also been awarded a €400 EU HORIZON2020 collaborative staff exchange grant in collaboration with the Universities of Tsinghua and Huazhong (China) and the University of Sydney.  The collaboration led from Leeds aims to develop processes to produce high value products such as gasoline, hydrogen, carbon nanotubes and chemicals from the processing of waste plastics.