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Centre for Integrated Energy Research

Research into the Development of Novel Reactor Materials

Drs Valerie Dupont (ERI), Steve Milne (IMR) and Tariq Mahmud (IPSE) will lead a team of PhD students on a two year project to investigate the techno-economic viability and carbon emissions savings of a novel process that aims to produce ready-separated hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide from unconventional gas sources such as shale gas. Increasing amounts of separated H2, N2 and CO2 are needed to meet the world’s demand for ammonia based fertilisers, fossil and bio-crudes refinery operations, synthetic transport fuels and intensive cultivation of aquatic crops. The project, which will start in September 2014 and is supported with EPSRC funds of £120,000 under Call 2 of the UKCCS Research Centre, will develop novel reactor materials in collaboration with SAFFIL Ltd, MEL Chemicals (Luxfer Group (NYSE:LXFR)) UK, and Twigg Scientific & Technical Ltd, and examine their efficiency in performing multiple reactions that proceed in synergy with each other using just two chemical reactors, in contrast to the standard industrial process which consists of many, large scale, individual steps.