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Centre for Integrated Energy Research

Research on Heat Network Development in the UK Incorporated in HM Treasury Guidance on Infrastructure

As part of the iBUILD consortium, the research Ruth Bush (DTC Low Carbon Technologies) and Dr Catherine Bale (ERI) have been conducting on heat network development in the UK has been incorporated in HM treasury guidance on infrastructure. Ruth and Dr Bale led a chapter of work on heat network investments for this iBUILD report on 'Economic Evaluation of Systems of Infrastructure Provision: Concepts, Approaches, Methods'. This report, edited by Andrew Brown and Mary Robertson from LUBS,presents research on economic evaluation of systems of infrastructure provision by iBUILD researchers and collaborators in a form that is intended to inform policy makers and stakeholders of all kinds, as well as academics. It has arisen through two factors: firstly, the increasing recognition of the importance of sustainable and resilient infrastructure to economy and society by policy makers, businesses and wider civil society; secondly, the wealth of expertise on the economic evaluation of systems of infrastructure provision across the iBUILD Centre. This work has now been used to inform the update of HM Treasury's 'Valuing Infrastructure Spend: Supplementary Guidance to the Green Book'. Specific to Ruth and Dr Bale’s work, is the section referencing heat networks and the need to consider passive provision when developing schemes.