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Centre for Integrated Energy Research

Smart Energy Systems - A Multi-disciplinary Approach

Energy Leeds hosted a University of Leeds workshop to promote a multi-disciplinary approach to the provision of solutions for the challenge of managing a distributed power network, and the need for dramatic reduction in carbon emissions. We were delighted by the attendance. With 26 academics representing 11 schools from 7 faculties it was clear that the discussions would be varied and enlightening.

Andy Heyes from ETII ably introduced the academic group to the complex topography of energy supply and demand. He highlighted the ongoing challenge of integrating power generated by renewable energy sources onto the grid, the drive to decrease carbon emissions and the future challenges of managing energy supply/demand as many UK coal fired power stations are scheduled to be decommissioned.

Groups were given the challenge of considering the political, economic, social, technological and legal landscape globally and locally, both in the near and distant future. Considering these opportunities, the group shared concepts and potential research ideas to meet these needs, considering many research areas including developing pilot study sites, alternative energy sources, policy and business models, human behaviour analysis, predictive technologies, efficient technologies, energy storage, smart sensors and the management of "Big Data".

The full findings of this meeting are yet to be disseminated. We are encouraged that there is a wealth of expertise at Leeds that is both willing and able to meet these challenges. Please get in contact with us at if you would like to be involved in Smart Energy research.