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World Resources Forum - China

Students and staff from the University of Leeds were invited to attend the prestigious World Resources Forum 2012 in Beijing, China from October 21-23rd 2012, with Prof Yulong Ding of the University of Leeds being one of the organising committee members.

The World Resources Forum is the flagship activity of the World Resources Forum Secretariat based in Davos, Switzerland, and is an independent, international expert platform to discuss the economic and political implications of current resource use trends, in order to build bridges between scientists, researchers and consultants (supply side) and policymakers, business, NGO’s, media and the public (demand side).

The WRF aims to bring the issues of global resource consumption and resource productivity, of which climate change is an important aspect, higher on the agenda of policymakers and business. Consideration of scarcity and security of supply and price risks of certain resources, pollution and energy use over the lifecycle of certain resources, and social impacts, in particular in developing countries, are vital to a low carbon future and are included in its work.

WRF 2012 was held at China National Convention Centre (Beijing) on October 21-23, 2012, with the conference themes including Clean Coal Technologies, Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Tide, Geothermal etc.), Food and Biomass, Waste/Material Recovery and Recycling, and Policy and Education.

Students from the Doctoral Training Centre in Low Carbon Technologies, plus the Centre Director, Prof Paul Williams, Centre Manager James Mckay and Research Fellow Dr Chunfei Wu presented a wide range of Leeds research at the conference, with the manager giving an overview of how the innovative Doctoral Training Centre programme works and introducing the student presenters. For more information on the Doctoral Training Centre in Low Carbon Technologies visit the website.

The students and staff also toured the Joint Leeds-China Institute for Energy Storage Technology Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences which recently opened with Prof Yulong Ding of the Leeds School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering as Director. New collaborations are being initiated as a result of the successful visit.