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Centre for Integrated Energy Research

Energy and Information and Communication Technologies

In order to meet legally binding UK commitments to reduce GHG emissions, the Department for Energy and Climate Change envisions a dramatic reduction in energy demand (possibly 40% or more against 2005 levels) during the period 2030-50 (DECC Low Carbon Transition Plan, 2009). A smart (i.e. ICT enhanced) mobility system that monitors and influences the choices of consumers is at the heart of the vision to achieve a reduction in demand of this magnitude. Sitting at the transport-ICT-behaviour-energy interfaces, our research explores both the potential for ICT to catalyse behaviour change and reduce energy demand; and approaches to designing complex socio-technical systems. For further details please contact Professor Susan Grant-Muller (

A smart (i.e. ICT enhanced) mobility system, that influences the behaviours of transport-related energy consumers, is at the heart of the vision for achieving a reduction in demand.

Computer screen showing energy market data