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Centre for Integrated Energy Research

Environmental and Performance Impacts of Alternative Fuels

Environmental and Performance Impact of Direct use of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) in 44-tonne Trucks Under Real World Driving Conditions (EPID); CIER Lead - Dr Hu Li (; Sponsor - TSB and United Biscuits UK Limited.

The purpose of the EPID project is to provide an objective, quantitative assessment of the impact of UCO (Used Cooking Oil) renewable fuels on the operational performance and environmental consequences of diesel engine powered trucks under real world driving conditions, in a form that will be readily useable by the transport, biofuel and sustainability policy communities. EPID will investigate the effect of pure UCO renewable fuels and different blends with petroleum diesel on the fuel efficiency, exhaust emissions, life cycle carbon footprint, engine deposit, lubricating oil aging and contamination.

The project will develop an integrated package with experimental and modelling techniques which can be rolled out to a wider range of fuels and vehicles in future work. The project will expand the knowledge and understanding of the impact of bio-oils on vehicle operation and emissions under real world driving conditions and provide valuable information to transportation fleet, international energy research community, transport authority, air quality and climate change control authority, local governments, biofuel and fuel additive industry. The results will be beneficial for the development of a diversified energy strategy and will provide vital information on optimal fuel blending strategies from the environmental point of view.